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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

How to properly conduct yourself through the yard

Please limit your speed to no more than 5 KM/h.

When you are entering the yard over the scale, please stop in front of the large windows and talk to the folks in the office. They are there to help you and they need to know what you are up to.

When approaching our scale, please be courteous and respect our “one in/one out policy” by waiting your turn.

All unloading areas operate on a first come first serve basis. So please be courteous and wait your turn.

Please be aware of all heavy machinery in your vicinity and take appropriate measures to ensure your safe conduct through our yard.

You will be treated with respect and courtesy when in our yard and we would appreciate the same in return. Anyone behaving in a violent or aggressive manner will be immediately asked to leave.

Please wear appropriate foot wear- safety shoes are recommended but not mandatory. Flip flops and sandals are not recommended.

Thank you.

What we do not accept

  • Light fixtures with ballasts intact.
  • Sealed units of any kind: propane tanks with valves attached, fire extinguishers, sealed 45 gallon drums.
  • Refrigeration units which have not been certified empty of freon, ie:fridges, freezers, air conditioners.
  • Material with concrete or excessive dirt.
  • Materials with excessive plastic, rubber, wood, fibre glass or other nonmetal substance attached.
  • Radioactive materials
  • Paint or oil cans still containing liquid.
  • Magnesium turnings.
  • Ballasts which have not been certified to be free of PCBs.
  • Transformers which are wet with oil.
  • Hazardous waste of any kind – used motor oil, paint, asbestos, mercury.
  • Live ammunition.
  • Vehicles with no ownership.
  • Any material we suspect may be stolen.
  • Nickel cadmium batteries or lithium ion batteries.
  • Any inscribed plaques or ornaments which look to be from a grave site or memorial unless accompanied by a letter of permission.
  • Railway rails, plates or spikes unless accompanied by a letter of permission from the railway company.
  • Shopping carts, unless accompanied by a letter of permission from the store which they originate from.

Acceptable items which require preparation

  • Oil or fuel tanks - must be clean and dry with a hole large enough for the inspector to see the bottom of the tank. (6-12 inches wide).
  • Fridges, freezers and air conditioners must be free of freon with tag displayed.
  • Light fixtures must have ballasts removed.
  • Transmissions must have their torque converters removed and drained.
  • Motor blocks, transmissions, & hydraulic cylinders must be free of fluids.
  • Transformers must be clean and dry.
  • Pressurized units such as propane tanks and fire extinguishers must be empty, with the valves removed.
  • Vehicles - please see under FAQ Page.

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