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Bin Service

Do you require a reliable bin service for your industrial needs?

Do you have 50 years’ worth of scrap on your farm land?

We have a bin to suit your needs. The following is a comprehensive list of our services available.

There are 3 bins to choose from

The 12 yard bin

Good for cleaning up scrap.(this bin has no doors on the end so you will have to heave all material over the side.)

Height: 6 '
Width: 6 '
Length: 12 '
Rent per day: $2.00
Cost per pick up:   $110.00

The 20 yard bin

Good for medium size loads of scrap metal.

Height: 3 ' 6 "
Width: 8 '
Length: 22 '
Rent per day: $2.00
Cost per pick up:   $125.00

The 40 yard bin

Good for large loads of scrap metal such as farm cleanups or machinery.

Height: 6 '
Width: 8 '
Length: 22 '
Rent per day: $2.00
Cost per pick up:   $125.00

All scrap metal will be paid for at the going rate for the material in the bin at the time of pickup. (Less pick up charges)

If scrap metal and rubbish are mixed together in one load, the load will be taken as rubbish and no payment will be made on the metal but rather, you will be billed for the tipping fees at the dump.

Daily rent charge and H.S.T. are only applicable for rubbish loads.

All rubbish will be taken either to Try Recycling or Green Valley recycling depending on the location of the bin.

Green valley recycling is located at 1200 Green Valley Rd London

For their tipping fees go to: http://www.greenvalleyrecycling.ca/

Try recycling is located at 21463 Clarke Road, London

For their tipping fees go to: http://tryrecycling.com/

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